First Time at Clyde North Dental?

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First time patients

New Patient Information

What is it you’d like to know?

We’re here to make you feel comfortable from your very first visit.

If you haven’t been to our Clyde North Dental clinic before, the first thing you should know is that your comfort comes first in everything we do. We take the time to really get to know you, so that we can tailor our approach to not only your unique dental needs, but whatever it is that will help you to feel relaxed and confident whenever you visit your dentist. When you have questions, our caring and friendly team are here for you.

Not sure what to expect?

Your first consult with us is an opportunity to ask any questions, or discuss any concerns you may have, about your teeth, your oral health, or your smile, with the experienced dentist of your choice.

  • Are you looking for a local family dentist you can trust?
  • Is this your child’s first visit to a dentist?
  • Are you due for a regular check-up and clean?
  • Do you need advice about the best course of action to save or restore a tooth or teeth?
  • Have you been thinking about re-designing your smile or straightening your teeth?

We’ll have questions for you too, to help us form a clear picture of who you are and how we can best serve you and your family’s needs.

Your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth and discuss their assessment with you. If a treatment plan is needed, together we’ll come up with a customised approach that’s suited to your individual needs and schedule, and we can discuss a flexible payment plan to fit your budget.

This should all take about an hour.

Ready for a local dentist

You can depend on?

If you’d like to join our family of local patients, the dentist of your choice can arrange that for you following your initial, comprehensive check-up with us. This examination provides us with the information we need to create a personal blueprint for your dental care and you may choose to bring across records from your previous dental provider, so that we can make a fresh start together, from detailed background knowledge.

What does being welcomed as a new patient look like?

1. Getting to know you

We want you to feel at home from the start and get to know you on a personal level. You’ll be welcomed by our friendly team into our calming clinic, with soothing scented candles, and asked to complete a New Patient Form, including your Medicare and health fund details. We’ll have a one-to-one chat with you so you know what to expect from your first consult with your new dentist.

2. Setting your smile goals

Our goal is to keep you smiling and we want you to share your hopes for your smile, along with any concerns you have about your dental health, so that together we can keep your teeth in great shape for a lifetime.

3. Thorough examination

Your dentist will carry out a comprehensive check-up, including X-rays, of your teeth and mouth to check for cavities, decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and any other issues that may require intervention or preventative treatment.

4. Recommended care

We’ll clearly explain our findings, discuss our recommendations for your ongoing dental care, and if a treatment plan is needed, we’ll work with you to tailor a timeline, approach and budget that meets your needs.

5. Tailoring treatment

Your caring dentist will put together a customised treatment plan based on our knowledge of you and what’s best for not only your dental health but your overall wellbeing. We’ll outline the costs involved and tailor a payment plan in consideration of your financial situation.

6. Making it personal

As a valued part of our family of patients, you can expect the highest standard of care from our gentle dentists, and your comfort will be our priority with every visit. We offer you a choice of noise cancelling headphones or Netflix streaming to help you relax throughout your treatment. Let us know what we can do to make your experience even better and we’ll be only too happy to help. Welcome to better dental care ask us about our Grand Opening specials