Wisdom Teeth Removal in Clyde North

Trusted and highly experienced wisdom teeth removal dentist in Clyde North.
wisdom tooth removal clyde north

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Trusted and highly experienced wisdom teeth removal dentist in Clyde North.

The convenience of local Wisdom Teeth Extraction

In Clyde North

It’s not uncommon for your wisdom teeth to become impacted, crowded or infected. Left untreated, you run the risk of more serious complications, so removal may be required. You can generally expect your wisdom teeth to erupt between the ages of 16 and 23, and if there is not enough room in your mouth for this to happen in line with your existing teeth, extraction may be your only option. If you experience any pain, bad breath, fever, swelling or bleeding, don’t delay making an appointment with our family dental clinic in Clyde North.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Everything You Need to Know

wisdom tooth extraction clyde north


wisdom tooth extraction clyde north

Infection can easily take hold when food gets caught in the small pockets between the impacted wisdom tooth and your gum and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Without prompt treatment, infection can spread throughout your body and cause fever, loss of appetite, and more serious health complications. Bad breath may point to Pericoronitis which is inflammation of the gum around the tooth that can quickly spread to other parts of your face, making it painful to bite, chew or close your mouth. Periodontitis is a more advanced form of gum disease which result if the infection progresses below your gum line and can lead to the loss of more teeth.

dentist in clyde north


dentist in clyde north

An impacted wisdom tooth can be difficult to keep clean and if pinhole cavities appear, it may be all that’s needed for decay to set in. This breaks down your tooth, layer by layer, and can create a painful abscess. The damage may spread to other teeth and affect the whole of your oral health if not promptly addressed. A throbbing jaw, sensitivity or bad breath may be indicators of decay which can even affect your sinuses.

A cyst may form when fluid fills the sac around an erupting wisdom tooth and push against the surrounding teeth, roots and gums, impacting the way the rest of your teeth are aligned and develop.

wisdom tooth removal clyde


wisdom tooth removal clyde

An impacted wisdom tooth may contribute to overcrowding that requires orthodontic intervention. When there is not enough room in your mouth for the teeth to erupt, they can grow out at a crooked angle that puts pressure on surrounding teeth, potentially pushing or sliding them out of alignment. This may result in shifting previously straightened teeth, if you have already completed orthodontic treatment.

wisdom tooth extraction clyde north

Damage to other teeth

wisdom tooth extraction clyde north
An impacted wisdom tooth pressing against neighbouring teeth can do damage the roots and lead to shifting and loosening, potentially leading to a domino effect on other teeth. If the pulp of a tooth root is affected, you may need a root canal procedure to save the tooth. Because it’s difficult to clean in between an impacted wisdom tooth, the teeth in proximity are more prone to infection and gum disease. Cysts commonly form on impacted wisdom teeth and can weaken your jawbone or spread to the roots of other teeth, increasing your risk of tooth loss in the long term.

How Will I Know

If My Wisdom Teeth Need Removing?

wisdom tooth removal clyde
Your dentist will recommend extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth if:
  • There is infection in the adjacent gum tissue
  • Surrounding teeth are decayed
  • Your front teeth will be crowded
  • You are experiencing pressure pain, or a cyst has developed
  • More room is needed in your mouth in preparation for your orthodontic plan
Taking the anxiety out of having your wisdom tooth removed, our experienced dentists are known for their gentle touch and perform the whole procedure in the comfort of our dental chair under local anaesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced dentists will only extract a tooth as a last resort when it cannot be saved or risks further damage to your other teeth or oral health. When your wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to breakthrough, it can become impacted and cause complications. We may recommend removal if you are experiencing:
  • severe pain and swelling
  • infection of the tooth or gum
  • fluid-filled sacs or cysts
  • damage to surrounding teeth
  • decay
Or if it is necessary to make room in your mouth for your orthodontic plan.

If your wisdom teeth is impacted or has yet to break through the surface of your gums, surgical extraction will be necessary.

We will need to cut open your gum to expose the tooth then gently lift it out of its socket or break it down into smaller pieces which can more easily be removed individually. Your dentist will then thoroughly clean the area to prevent infection, before suturing the gum so it can heal. Rest assured, our experienced dentists are highly skilled in the most advanced techniques for wisdom tooth extraction and your comfort is our priority, so you can expect minimal discomfort with this procedure.

You can expect some tenderness and swelling following your wisdom teeth removal, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain relief or minimised by applying a cold compress to your cheek near the extraction point, for 15 minutes, every hour.


We generally recommend taking a few days off work or school while to rest your mouth while it heals, as talking and eating may cause some discomfort. Avoid brushing the area and instead rinse with saltwater to keep it clean. And stick to soft foods because anything sharp, hard or sticky may irritate your sore gum.


We’ll arrange a follow-up appointment with you to check that everything is healing as it should be and let you know when you can get back to your regular routines.

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